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The Volatility Factor (www.volatility-factor.com) is a new and powerful Forex trading EA. Brought to you by the same group that created the Wallstreet Forex Robot, this product is hyped to be one of the most beneficial trading systems out today on the web. This is a fully automated system, and as such, gives its clients the freedom to go about their lives without having to worry about trading. In the meantime, this system has already made over 2,800 pips in profit over a three month period. If you are serious about making money—and who isn’t—this system can be a great weapon in your trading arsenal.

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The great thing about this product, besides its money making ability, is that it’s fully compatible with any broker that is MetaTrader4 compatible. This opens up the window of opportunity for almost all Forex traders out there.

The Volatility Factor works by allowing traders to customize the amount of volatility that they wish to take on with their trading. Stagnant and volatile markets entail two different types of trading strategies and this EA acknowledges this. You need to select the right opening price when you are entering a trade, and this system helps you to find that price more accurately than ever before. But this is only part of an effective strategy. You also need to know which currencies are going to be moving the most. By mixing the so called “volatility factor” in with selecting the most beneficial price, you have a recipe for big profits.

Sometimes called market impulse trading, this system identifies trends and allows you to take advantage of them more effectively. In turn, the Volatility Factor calculates the best entry and exit prices so that you can ride a trend to its fullest potential. No more will you need to worry about exiting a trend too early in order to lock up profits. This strategy only has small returns, but with the Volatility Factor’s mathematical calculations, you can more accurately predict where these trends will begin and end, thus making your investing capital go much further.

More specifically, this system captures, on average, between 10 and 15 pips per trade. This is a huge number and with the right amount of leverage, you can make this go very far. And with its sensitive money management programming, you are never putting too much of your hard earned money out on the line. Money management is an integral aspect of any trading strategy. Any system can predict price changes and track trends, but without the proper knowledge when it comes to money management, you can lose a good amount on any one trading day. This is one of the many things that separates the Volatility Factor from the crowd.

The Volatility Factor has proven its success over the last several years of testing. Now that it’s ready to be launched for the public, you too can take advantage of its huge profit ability. By using this EA, you are not only taking a big step toward increasing your forex market profits, you are going to be giving yourself freedom. No longer do you need to sit in front of your computer staring at seemingly meaningless charts. Because it’s fully automated, this EA gives you the freedom to venture out and do the things you love. It will also give you more economic freedom once you start seeing the profits rolling in.

The Volatility Factor’s success can be tracked on Myfxbook where its testers tracked the EA’s progress and profit rate. If you are looking for a way to start increasing Forex profits, this system might be just what you’ve been looking for.

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