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A Look and Review of Tom's EA

There are very few Forex robots out there that are worth the high price you pay for them. While it’s true that some robots will make back the money you spent on them, only a couple will go on to produce positive long term results. This is the nature of the market; it is not a static thing that one formula can permanently “solve.”

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The Forex market is always changing and evolving thanks to the always changing world currency situation. In order to be successful in the Forex market, you need a product that can interpret the market and change with it. This strategy has been largely ignored in the past because most Forex robots are designed to make money by selling the robot, not by using the robot itself. Tom Flora has changed the way we look at Forex EA’s.
We started running Tom’s EA on October 16, 2011. Here are our current results.
This has changed with the newest product from Toms EA. The robot developed by these folks in order to actually be a useful robot for trading currencies. The developers of this program had fallen victim to non-working robots one too many times and wanted to create something that could be used day after day without the worry of having the markets change up on them. This robot separates ambition from greed and works by establishing small and steady gains over a long term, rather than trying for a few big leaps in the market. By focusing on the smaller gains, this robot has been completely innovative for Forex traders in search of a robot. Tom’s EA robot can be just what you need to take your trading to the next level.

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If you are still unsure, you can look on their site. At they have listed hundreds of documented trades that this robot has produced; both winners and losers. By looking through this data, you can see that while the profits might not be huge, they are steady. And these profits clearly add up over time. With a few huge trades, you won’t see the same results as you will after hundreds of little ones. So far, this robot has returned about 8 to 12 percent profits per month. Try getting long term results like this from other robots.

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