Trading Robots and Human Error

When there is a problem, people always say it’s most likely the person’s fault versus the computer. This time that statement is totally true. Due to the day lights savings switch, we decided to switch the time settings for the trading robot. Meanwhile these changes did not need to be made, since the robot was smart enough to do it on its own. The robot went back to work except kicked in one hour to early, and before we could catch it, the trade was executed and went for a quick loss. Lesson learned. Unless you know for sure, leave the robot alone or reduce the lot size until it’s in the proper settings. EA’s can be tricky sometimes if you are not aware of the outcome.

We were lucky this time because the follow up trade executed a few hours later and eventually flew up to our target. Our $5000 account is now at $6282 with a total profit of $1282 after about 16 trading days. We will keep testing our EA tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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