TradeVantage Software Now Available

This week, Trade Vantage went live. The group at Forex Traders Daily and Dustin Pass have released the newest version of the software TradeVantage. The software uses neural network artificial intelligence to skyrocket your profits as a Forex or any kind of trader. The results of the software have been tremendous and you can see what the results have been using the software free download. From looking at one particular section of trades we witnessed over 890 pips profit with only a 20 pip loss in a matter of a few months. This was just one currency pair.

The software works up to 87% accuracy and currently is effective on over 23 currency pairs. It’s not so much about the history of the software and what it’s proven, but is what it can do for you in the future. The setup is pretty clear and simple and allows you to trade on a daily intraday setup. What this means is, it allows you to trade in the morning when the markets open and not have to worry about making trades during the day. No, it’s not a set it and forget it system but it does allow you to trade based on predictive artificial intelligence that gives you the trade in the morning.

The goal of TradeVantage is to create wealth for your account. It uses artificial intelligence which is more like intelligent machines and computers to accomplish this.

Some things you want to know about Trade Vantage are:
It’s not an EA or trading robot
It’s not an indicator
It’s not a expert advisor for the Metatrader charting software
It’s not a marketing program created by marketers
It doesn’t confuse you when you want to work with it

When you open the software it connects to secure servers and downloads the latest market data which then provides the trade signals for the day. There’s no connection other than a Login you need for this Tradevantage software. You then use any trading platform you wish to make your trades.

Once you have the software open you will see five distinct trading signals.
1. No trade – which means you don’t have to open any trades or no trades are opened
2. Buy to open – you are currently not in the trade when the markets open and buy the currency pair
3. Sell to open – you are currently not a trade, and in this case the market opens sell the currency pair
4. Hold – you already have a position open on the currency pair and aren’t supposed to do anything but hold the trade
5. You have position open in your set to close

We can go on and on about all the different things Tradevantage does. We can also go over all this proof that it’s done in the past. It’s probably better to go check out the full-page about Trade Vantage and learn more about how you can get started with the software. At this point it doesn’t come cheap, but at least you have a potential software to make a lot of money for your account. (Read More…)

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