Oracle Trader Final Review Guide

If you’ve been trading the Forex market the past month or so, then you might have heard of a product called Oracle Trader. Well, if not, you are about to hear about this piece of software that is a game changer when it comes to trading Forex News. Just last night during the UK retail sales news event traders were reporting over 60 pips in profit.

Check out these comments from today’s trade:

– Mark P: Made back enough to pay off my first 1/3 payment. 60 pips on second
half of order … that’s 2nd 1/3 payment taken care of
– Michael P: 28 pips at $100/pip – yay!!! This week up $4200!
– Louis: Paper trading …4 std lots.. sold 2 for 28 pips profit & 2 for 59 pips,
total 87 pips, total profits $1,740
– Rajen K: great product, I have made back all my losses I made on EAs
– Mike L: ..still made 45 pips at 2 lots
– Thomas B: Made 40 pips, Awesome…
– Malcolm W: Thanks Dustin my first trade I made 106 pips…. No one is more
surprised than me…but happy!
– Debbie D: 100 pips on 2 mini lots, 50 pips on 1 mini lot, and 70 pips on 1
mini lot

These are just some of the comments traders were making this morning. Within the past week Oracle Trader has really taken off. We hope you give it some consideration before time runs out. You will still be able to purchase it over the next few days, but soon it will be taken off the market.

You can also see our Forex Supersonic Review, which is a much cheaper product and will be used in the Metatrader platform as an EA. Make sure you check out CFTC guidelines about risk as well.

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