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Everything You Wanted to Know About the Oracle Trader

The Forex market has evolved in many different ways over the years. The one trading method that has stayed the most consistent is trading live on the news. Our site has been around for quite some time and we of course have been big advocates of trading around news time. We've watched many methods come and go. Trading the Forex market can be quite difficult, but finding a specific niche that makes things easier for you is what we strive for. Forex News Trading has just gotten a whole lot better with the development of the Oracle Trader.

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We’ve known Dustin over at for many years and we’ve always stood behind his products because of their success. Oracle Trader has been in the works for many years and once it finally came to the market we got really excited. You now have a Forex product at your finger tips you can trust to predict the market before you enter. This is unbelievably hard to do in any form of trading. To make things even more amazing is the fact that the Oracle Trader has not had a losing month in the last five years. Of course it will have some loses, but what trading method doesn’t. It all comes down to maximizing your winning trades and holding your losing trades in check when they go against you.

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What does Forex News Trading really mean?

There are several methods of news trading that exist in the Forex market. The main two methods are: Trading the economic numbers at the moment they are released while taking advantage of the initial spike. Then we have the follow through method which works pretty well after we see a pretty strong initial move by the news release. The Oracle Trader follows the initial move once news is released giving you the most bang for your trade.

What does the Oracle Trader do for you?

Dustin released a similar product about 5 years ago and it has made his subscribers millions of dollars in profits. The fast acting software, once setup will get you in the markets at the perfect time, AUTOMATICALLY. Talk about Auto Trading at its best. Not only do you get the state of the art software, you get a trading course on how to use the Oracle Trader the right way. It comes down to you being involved when the news release occurs and the profits will begin to flow.

Another cool aspect of forex news trading, is not having to worry about all kinds of indicators and squiggly lines on your charts. News trading is all based on price action, so all you really need is a Metatrader platform and the OracleTrader software. You are well on your way to Forex news profits and if you have any questions please ask.

Here is a look at a recent trade triggered by the Oracle Trader that brought many people a lot of pips of profit.


What do you have to do to get the Oracle Trader today?

Well, it is pretty simple actually. By clicking here you will gain access to the latest version of the software and curriculum. Once you sign up for the program you'll be all set to begin your Forex trading career. With a proven track record behind them, it will only take a few trades to recoup the money you spent on this trading mechanism. We wish you many successful trades in the future.

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