The Emerging Markets Role

The currencies of emerging markets can be quite lucrative to the serious Forex trader, especially if you have a firm knowledge of the base currency in the pair with it—usually the U.S. dollar or the Euro. When you’re dealing with binary options, these lesser traded currencies can prove to be even more attractive because of the volatility associated with them. By finding and taking advantage of tiny movements, you can make 75 percent or more per trade, and this is a very good thing for you.

The first thing that you need to do is specialize in a major currency. If you’re a U.S. based trader, you will probably want to focus on the dollar since you will have a bigger knowledge platform when it comes to the greenback’s nuances. Some of the currency pairs that you can find on the major binary brokerage sites include the USD/TRY, the EUR/ZAR, and the USD/RUB. Not all brokers will offer these minor pairings, so if you do want to trade emerging market currencies, you need to look around and make sure you will have choices available to you. 24Option has a very strong selection of both major and minor currency pairs for you to trade.

There are a few things that you need to know when trading Forex binary options, and these things can be magnified when dealing with less popular selections. Many things go into influencing where a currency’s value is headed—and you need to be hyperaware of both parts of the pairing. For example, if you want to trade the Turkish lira (TRY), having knowledge of Turkey’s economic landscape is important, but so is having a good deal of knowledge of the other part of the pair. So if you are a U.S. citizen unfamiliar with the Euro, trading EUR/TRY is not your best choice, even if you do have a strong grasp on the lira. There are two parts to this puzzle and to be continuously profitable, you need to utilize both parts as best as possible.

Emerging markets do very well for binary options traders because they are more volatile than the big four currencies. There will be change basically every day in every currency pair, but the Euro and the dollar have strong economies backing them up and this means that there will usually be controlled motion and it might be harder to predict. But if you want to trade another currency instead, you will find that the fluctuations are sharper on the average, and that you can often do a better job of predicting where the currency will go. For example, a landslide political election in the U.S. will not affect the value of the dollar as much as having a totalitarian government ousted in an emerging marketplace. Knowing this fact can help you string together a number of successful trades just based on fundamental or sentimental analysis. Obviously this is still not an easy thing to do, but it opens up the doors for a different type of trader, and this can easily be used to your advantage.

Trading in the emerging markets still requires a good deal of skill and caution. If they didn’t, everyone would be making money off of them. But there are many opportunities that the astute trader can take advantage of.

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