GBPJPY Robot Trading Log

We consolidated our Pound Yen robot trading log into one location. Here you can find our daily trade log on how the robot performed over the past 24 hours and more. You may run into some quiet days, but we should be able to update this on a daily basis.

This log is based off the Demo account using our GBPJPY break out strategy. We started this test with $5000 in a demo account and we’ve recorded a good amount of trades to believe this robot is one of the good ones. We plan to keep testing this breakout play for as long as it still works in our favor.

Some of the discretionary rules we will be following since it is a demo account are:

  • Trades will occur Sunday night when the market opens
  • Trades during news events
  • Letting it run 100% on its own without interference.
  • Only using the Pound Yen currency
  • This will be 100% emotionless trading

All results are actual live trades on a demo account and should be considered hypothetically correct since it is running on the demo platform versus a live account.
If you would like more information on getting robots like these you can contact us at any time. We are more than happy to help you with your trading.

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