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Who is the Right Forex VPS for You? is a leader in the virtual private server industry. Founded in order to provide the best virtual service to their clients, ForexVPS offers three levels of service.


The most basic package includes 768 MB RAM, 10 GB disk, and 500 GB bandwidth. The next level up offers 1536 MB RAM, 20 GB disk, and 1,000 GB bandwidth. The top level provides 3072 MB RAM, 40 GB disk, and 2,000 GB bandwidth. All three levels offer clients 24 hour service, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. These packages range in price from $35 per month up to $115 per month.

ForexVPS can be used with any brokerage service. This package also offers free customer service and support, so you will never be without help should you experience any difficulties. ForexVPS also has a support system for new traders. If you do not have a broker, there is no need to worry as Forex VPS will help you to choose the right MetaTrader4 broker for your style of trading.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, ForexVPS uses only the best state of the art hardware out of their warehouse. Their data center prides itself on their security—your information is kept safe within their servers. Access to the server site is protected by security cameras, razor wire, and key-card entry as well as a hand print scan. What’s more is that their servers have a dual power source, a precaution that ensures you will never have to go without access to your remote desktop.

Forex VPS Review

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If you want to trade an automated system in the Forex market using some kind of Forex Robot it is imperative that you have the right tools in place. A solid Forex VPS is critical to this type of trading strategy.

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