Forex SuperSonic

Can the Forex SuperSonic System Make You Money?

The Forex market can be a scary place. There are so many things that you need to be aware of, and so many charts to look at and interpret. Many systems claim to eliminate the hard work and hours of sweat put into predicting the changes in currency values, but the vast majority of these fall flat. Either these systems don’t make money, or they require even more work and time on your part. What if there was a way to make money and eliminate the hours and hours of studying you put into trading?


The Forex Supersonic EA accomplishes both of these things. This might sound too good to be true, but that’s only because so many other systems have come before it promising the same thing. The difference is that those systems failed, and this one truly works. The Forex Supersonic software eliminates 92 percent of the risk involved in currency trading and has an effective “win rate” 80 percent of the time. What’s more, you will not have to spend hours and hours reading charts. The Forex Supersonic EA does everything for you.

The premise behind this exciting new product is simple. It focuses on the times when the market is at its most active points. Furthermore, the Forex Supersonic EA concentrates on the world’s most active marketplace. London’s market accounts for 32 percent of the $3 trillion in currency that is traded on a daily basis. Such a large amount of trading gives you the most fluidity and allows for the greatest amount of money to be made.

The EA focuses on the relationship between the US Dollar and the British Pound between the hours of 4:00 GMT and 6:00 GMT. The EA reviews the London market, taking note of the highs and lows that occur between the trading of these two currencies. It then plots out where the “take profit” points should be. Once 6:00 rolls around and the market starts to see a rapid increase in volume, the EA will automatically enter and exit positions for you depending on the data that it has already analyzed for you leaving you with little work to do. The vast majority of the work that this product does is conducted in a matter of seconds.


What makes this software most impressive is that it can be used with any amount of money and any type of Forex broker as long as you use the free Metatrader platform. With as little as $50 you can begin using this software and see remarkable profits. You can purchase this software package for a limited time for only $97 and begin using it right away. You may also want to check out our review on Oracle Trader.

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