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Technical analysis is by far the most widely used method of evaluating when to enter or exit a trade within the Forex market. So how do these skilled traders know exactly when to execute or end the trade? They wait for trading signals. Once a previously determined pattern or number emerges, these traders will act. The better and more refined these trading signals are the more effective and thus more profitable the trade will be.


Joining a Forex Trading Room is a great way to get signals without going through the hassle of having to design your own method. Many of these services offer risk free trials for you to participate in and see if their methods work for you. Before you sign up for one of these, you will want to check their track record. Obviously every method has its ups and downs, but the better the proven track record, the better the future profits you can expect from the group. You can subscribe to a trading room for usually a very small price. These rooms can be a great resource for new and blossoming traders since these sites typically also focus on educating their members on the Best Forex methods. A subscription to a Forex trading room or a Forex trading newsletter is a great option for those that want to learn as much as possible about trading currencies successfully. There is always something new to learn in this market and this is one way of trying to stay on top of the ever-growing amount of knowledge needed to be consistently successful.

Best Forex Signal Providers
1. Tom’s EA
2. Oracle Trader
3. Straddle Trader Pro
4. FxEvolve

Expert Advisors (EA) are another good option—especially for those of us with little time to trade. EAs work by sending you Forex signals whenever a preprogrammed pattern occurs. In these instances, the EA can either execute the trade automatically for you, or it can just alert you and allow you the discretion of whether or not to commit to the signal. An EA is a great tool—they can be used as an efficient way to apply all of the knowledge you would gain from a trading room or educational site. The biggest benefit is that all of the data is already analyzed for you, saving you a lot of time and energy.

Automatic trading is quite popular amongst those that don’t want to spend their lives in front of the computer, yet have a massive amount of trades they wish to conduct. Automatic trading does not have to come from an EA directly; you can program your own data and criteria into most brokers and allow these specifications to execute trades for you. In other words, you can either have someone else design your automatic trades through an EA, or you can create your own. The choice you make will largely be up to your individual preferences.

Let’s not forget news trading. The NFP announcement is obviously one of the biggest events, so we should see movement on all currency pairs. NFP news trading can be very profitable.

Forex Trading signals do not have to be a mystery and you don’t have to spend countless hours researching them and then attempting to remember just how to apply them correctly. Many people have gone down this approach to their Forex trading and a very high percent of these folk are not even close to being successful. Instead of wasting your money, consider getting trading signals from a successful outside source. You want to be one of the Top Forex traders, and finding the Forex signals with the best track record is going to get you to that outcome.

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