Forex Profit Multiplier

A Real Review on the Forex Profit Multiplier

Forex Profit Multiplier combines the best features of both a trading system and trading method. An entire training program was developed to give you each and every element.


The Forex Profit Multiplier uses a hybrid approach by offering you both the trading alert software as well as the course material so you can learn the method. The course material gives you the information you need, so you can understand why the trading alerts are triggered. This also gives you the information you need when it comes too price targets and stop losses. The trading alert software let’s you leave your computer and signals you when trade signals are triggered.

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What are some of the pros to using the Forex Profit Multiplier?

1. Allows you to create a new sustainable income.
2. Protects your account from big losses that may have scared you in the past.
3. Start with a minimal investment, but we always like to have more than the minimum
4. Simply place trades within a one minute period.

What do you get with the purchase of the Forex Profit Multiplier?

1. Custom Trade Alert Software
2. Seven video modules (Rules)
3. Seven companion reference manuals to go a long with the videos
4. Four Trading “blueprints” – Summarizes all the trading rules
5. Quick Start Guide – This gets your hands dirty right away.

Video Training Modules

1. Background and Overview
2. Impulse Method
3. Propulsion Method
4. Spring + Method
5. Forex Broker Information and information for making your trades easier.

Using a trading method is a bit different than a system, since you are in complete control of your trading. The trading rules for both entry and exit are known. You make the decision, whether to take the trade versus a robot making the decision for you. You become dependent on yourself and not some other trader.

Do trading Systems work? (Myth or Fact)
– Black Box trading Rules are usually unknown.
– These are usually curve fit, historical performance is in favor of the system.
– After a while the system tends to implode on themselves.
– As a fan of auto-trading, you always need to be aware of what could happen to your account.
– These systems don’t give you the control

With that said, using a mixed method/system gives you the convenience of an auto trading program, but the decisions of a human. This avoids some of the major issues EA’s and auto-trading methods have.

Although this trade method is focused on 4 hour bars on a candlestick chart, there are methods available to trade shorter time frames. Using the trend prediction information from the multiplier software will allow you to stick to the direction of the trend. You will only focus on trades in the direction of the trend. Although trades may signal in the opposite direction, you will only want to look in the direction of the trend.

It appears Bill has nailed a pretty sweet product and it may be something to consider.

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