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You finally decided to open a Forex Trading Account with one of the brokers in the industry only to realize you didn't take advantage of the free Forex Bonus Cash being offered by several of the different dealers.

» Start Earning Cash Back on Every Trade You Make «

In currency trading every penny is important to the sustainability of your trading career.  Too often traders get wiped out and never come back again.  If you are going to trade you must have an edge and this is something we can’t stress enough.  Free cash is an edge to the furthest degree.   Making money every time you trade or receiving a free sign up bonus is a major plus.  We have two options for you to hear about that may have you ask your broker or Introducing Broker some questions.  Don’t just sit back and be the quiet trader, let them hear your voice.  They want your business and for them to get it, you have to be happy.  People pay big bucks to have good customer service and when you get free money usually they are thinking about you.  There intentions are smart, but if you don’t take advantage then it doesn’t really work out for you.

There are two types of Free Forex Bonus Cash

1. Forex Deposit Bonus

What if you were to send someone $100 and they call you the next day and say, hey you just sent me $110, but I thought I was only getting $100.  Obviously this person was not only excited, but was also intrigued by this gesture.  The point is, what if you received a percentage of free cash into your trading account for only opening a new account with the broker.  The brokers gesture is to make you happy of course and to have you stay with them for the long haul.  They don’t want to see you leave soon after opening for another firm, they want you to stay for as long as you can.  This Forex account bonus can go a long way in this type of trading environment.  Usually what will happen as well, is if you were unfortunate to lose most of your trading money, they may send you a message asking you to make another deposit and a long with it another bonus.  This is more of a reload bonus then a sign up bonus.

2. Forex Trading Rebates

This has been discussed heavily on the site, but Forex Rebates is going to be the norm whether you are involved or not.  The line is forming and the brokers are listening.  Traders don’t want to pay full price for their trades anymore.  They want to work with an Introducing Broker that offers trade rebates.  This is a Forex Broker Bonus that keeps on giving.  As you make trades you receive a piece back into your trading account or in other ways people payout, like Paypal or check.  This is cushion money and it builds up fast.  You make a one standard lot trade and you can be earning $6 – $12 for just opening and closing the trade.  This is fantastic and it is a win win for every one, especially the trader.  Forex Trading rebates will go a long way and to make sure a Forex broker keeps you on board, this is one of the major tactics that is being explored by more and more people.

Forex Bonus Cash

Forex Bonus Cash

You may be asking, what the heck, why am i not receiving a Forex Free Bonus. First you need to figure out even if your broker offers them. Most likely you have to go to an Introducing broker (IB) for these bonuses, but for sign up deposit bonuses, you most likely can go directly to the broker. Just remember, are you the up front kind of trader or are you the type of trader that wants to keep getting paid, win or lose on your actual trading stats with a cash back system.

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