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Anyone that has traded in the Forex market knows that making money is not an easy task. Even with state of the art software and a good eye for charts, most traders struggle just to break even. If this sounds like your situation, the Elemental Trader is for you. This software analyzes harmonic patterns for you, saving you time and energy when it comes to your currency trading. Harmonic price patterns are a highly accurate indicator, but before this program, you would need to spend hours going over price charts and other technical indicators in order to find winning patterns.

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The Elemental Trader is a unique system as it focuses on the needs of individual traders, rather than one generic strategy. Each and every trader has different strengths and weaknesses. This package allows you to play to your strengths. It even allows you to choose the level of risk that you are most tolerant of.

The six part video tutorial helps traders develop their very own trading plan. Rather than relying on a robot or someone else’s work, traders are taught how to analyze currency prices for themselves. This system steers clear of the gambling that other systems use and teaches traders how to be self-sufficient. This is done by distinctly addressing the risk of trading currencies as well as the need for good money management. You can be a great trader, but that one bad trade you make can ruin you if you do not practice proper money management skills. These two factors are largely ignored by other systems—a fact that leads many new traders into a losing trading career.

What do you get in the Elemental Trader Package? This is Awesome

Harmonic Pattern Recognition Software
ElementalTrader 6 Module Video Training Course & Course Guide
Harmonic Pattern Blueprint Reference
QuickStart Guide
Members Only Website
Unlimited Support
Derek’s 8-Week Mentoring Program
2 Months of Derek’s Inner Circle Trade Room
Trade Alert Pro Software – Derek’s RealTime Trading Signal w/SMS Notification
Premium Email Access to Derek for 1 Full Year
Derek’s ‘Harmonic Trading Guide’ with Derek’s Personal Trading Plan / Template

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The Elemental Trader focuses on the very basics of trading currencies. Its creators acknowledge that there is no short cut to long term profits in any market. Instead, the Elemental Trader teaches how to make small gains one at a time. This ensures long term growth of your bankroll since losses are minimized. When you have a trading plan that works, money management becomes even easier. These key points are the cornerstones of this system.

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The software that comes with the Elemental Trader package is designed to pick up harmonic patterns and show traders exactly when and where to put their money. This is successful because the software analyzes both price and volume changes in its effort to find the perfect entry point to a trade. Once a winning pattern is recognized, the software alerts the trader so that they may trigger the trade.

If you have any questions regarding the Elemental Trader package, there is a team of Forex experts that come along with the package. Purchasing this package gives you access to the designers of this system for one year. They are at your service to answer your questions and give trading advice and tips. This is an invaluable service for the novice trader. Rather than being thrown out to the sharks, this package guarantees guidance from these experts. Whether you are a brand new trader or a seasoned veteran, having a second opinion can take your currency trading to the next level.

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