Daily Income Trader

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The Daily Income Trader is a stock trading system that will enable you to consistently grow your money while only posing a small risk of loss. This system, designed by Adrian Manz, has shown over the years that it will remain profitable and be a great way for traders of all abilities to boost their trading profits.

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Adrian has been day trading since 1998, but he hasn’t always been a day trader. A self-proclaimed ski nut and musician, Adrian came to day trading later in life. But with his insight, he can help you to transform your own trading in a very profitable manner. His system has been fine tuned and never involves leaving trades open over night, giving you freedom to miss a day or two of trading if need be. Adrian might not have gone to school to be a day trader, but his background in psychology has given him a unique perspective on how markets actually work. A large portion of stock trading and price movement revolves around large group psychology. With his background in this subject—he has an MBA in psychology from Claremont University—Adrian has been able to design a system that takes large group behavior into account.

In fact, his lack of experience in trading might be just what makes his system so unique. Adrian approached trading with a different mindset than most classically trained traders and has even made up baseball analogies to describe market motions. Some of these include the Fast Ball, the Line Drive, and the Switch Hitter. This difference might be just what you need to better understand the markets and start to turn the tides in your favor.

The way the system works is actually quite simple. Every night, a trading profile is constructed for the next day. Adrian scans the market for setups that have been proven to be successful and will take note of the stocks that fit his descriptions. These stocks are earmarked for the next day, but if nothing comes to fruition, he simply does not trade. No trade is ever forced and he never veers away from this plan. This eliminates a lot of the tilt and emotional trading that day traders often experience. Because his system is mechanical in nature, he never finds himself chasing losses or going after less than desirable stocks. He sticks to his plan 100 percent of the time and as a result, experiences losing days on a very rare basis.

He never risks more than 0.005 percent of his trading capital. This system is designed to get stellar results all while risking as little as possible. For those of us who are more risk adverse, the Daily Income Trader looks like it is a great option. By minimizing the risk of ruin, this system can help you to grow your savings while you are preserving your net worth at the same time.

The Daily Income Trader can help even the most novice of day traders. By scaling down your risk, you might think that this is a system only for beginners, however. This is simply not true. Even an experienced and profitable day trader can increase profits with this. At the very least, it can be used to confirm your trades in advance, but the odds are that this system will teach you a new method of trading. Incorporating this low risk system into your current plan can be a good way to mitigate your risk factor all while growing your bottom line.

Daily Income Trader

The Daily Income Trader can give you the financial freedom to pursue your dreams. Don’t settle for a high risk/low reward system when you can get the best results without risking a lot of your trading money. This system will revolutionize the way you approach your trading and will help you start raking in the profits.

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