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Now that we are in September I think it is time to really start looking at some news events. This Friday we will have a very important NonFarm Payroll event that could move the market significantly. Based on last months move, this one could be bigger if the numbers are in the right spot. This event is still our favorite event of the month and most likely it will stay this way for a long time. Trading currencies versus trading stocks at the release of the news event is always in the Currency favor due to the fact that the stock market isn’t even open for trading at 8:30am. When the news comes out all the pairs will be ready for the traders move.

Some brokers are better than others when it comes to the actual data feed, so you may need to change brokers to get the best fill. If you trade soon after the news comes out, more on the secondary move, then it shouldn’t matter which broker you are looking for. Forex Signal providers still offer you their fast action trading software to make a move on the market right at news time. This method has been used for years and still does well.

Over time trading becomes a place where you pick your spots and you try to make money. Don’t force the issue and trading will come a lot easier. In the up coming trading days as volume picks up pay attention to the movements around news time and see if they are more fluid then in the past couple of months.

Good Luck.

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