Socially Responsible Trading

You may have heard of the concept of socially responsible investing. This term largely means that you invest your money in companies that are doing good and responsible things, whether it is for the environment, charities, or any other sort of socially-conscious activity. You may have also heard that such an investing strategy is not as profitable as traditional investing; green and other beneficial companies don’t have the same value that other companies do. This would imply that socially responsible trading, then, is also not worthwhile. These thoughts cannot be further from the truth. You can successfully trade companies for short term transactions and still remain socially aware.

Green stocks are just as likely to fluctuate in price as their non-green counterparts. As the trend for buying and selling these companies increases, the opportunity to make quick money off of them is also going up. There are also many green ETFs out there with low expense ratios, meaning that you can select a fund to trade over the short term with minimal costs. These can allow you to save research time as they already comprise of a basket fund of multiple green and socially friendly stocks.

The great thing about socially responsible trading is that you can take pride that what you are doing is helping out others as well as yourself. Trading in such a manner and using the Straddle Trader Pro might take some extra effort on your part, but the results of your efforts will be well worth the time and effort you put into it.

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