is one of the major players in the Forex Rebate part of the Forex trading industry. Offering rebates from many of the major brokers, Cash Back Forex not only gives you the money back you deserve, but also provides you with an excellent customer service environment. This is one area of the industry that can be sometimes lost when dealing with an international market, but CashBackfx handles their clients in a professional manner and makes sure that you are happy no matter where you reside in the world.

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As a trader you’re always looking for an edge in the market you trade. Forex is no different when it comes to having expenses on the trades you take. For example, all brokers charge some form of commission or spread per round turn. Every time you make a trade the broker makes money, and that is the way it has always been. So, how do you take advantage of using a rebate introducing broker to maximize your profits? If you were getting money back on a trade, win or lose, it makes the trade more profitable no matter the outcome. It only makes sense to trade with a broker that offers you rebates. You’re using the same broker, same platform and same spread, but only this time you make a cash rebate every time you place a trade. This can mini lots or standard size lots. People can find it confusing on how this process works, but once they receive their first monthly rebate check, every thing becomes clear. This is why you see ads that offer “get paid to trade”. You can have a losing month, but once you get your rebate check, you may in turn become profitable for the month.

How Do I Sign Up for Forex Rebates?
The sign up process is just like the way you would sign up for any broker only this time, you fill out a small Form on the web site and then you sign up through the broker of your choice through their site. One extra small form on the CashBack site is the only difference between making a rebate or not making a rebate. Usually the links for the brokers on take you too the official web site of the broker of your choice. It’s really that easy. People sometimes just don’t get how easy it is to start receiving their Forex Rebates.

Which Brokers offer Forex Rebates?
You have more than 15 different brokers to choose from that offer some form of cash back. Which broker is best for your trading, may require a demo or some live testing. You may want Metatrader or something a bit different. Some of these brokers include, FXCM, FXOPEN, Etoro, and Dukascopy just to name a few. Spreads are all different at these sites as are the rebate amounts. Look through the site and see which one is for you. You’ll not be pressured by the staff and you should feel comfortable contacting them at any time with any questions. They are there to help you out and make your decision easier.

In Conclusion, always remember free money is profitable money and with Forex Rebates, you will be more profitable over the long haul.