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Toms EA November 2 Update

It’s been a couple of days since our last video which was made on Halloween. The account balance is up another $66 and the equity is just above where we were at the close of the last video. We are …

Tom’s EA Update October 26

Today was a great day for Tom’s EA. Reason being, the EA was able to close down almost every single trade it was holding within a 30 minute stretch. This ended up giving us a profit in the clear of …

Tom's EA Update – October 19

Due to technical issues we had on our server, we had to start our Tom’s EA campaign over. It’s unfortunate because after yesterday the account would be up nicely after some draw down it had. Anyway, we started the EA …

Auto Trades on October 6th

Tom’s EA was at it again today. After some wild swings since our start date, the EA has been able to stay in the green. Today was no different.

Here is what happened according to our latest records.

Today was …

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