Pound Yen Trade Day Nine

The beast was tamed last night for sure. After nine trading days, we finally saw the power of the trading robot and keeping the emotions out of it. We knew once the GBPJPY broke out of it’s tight range, that the system would follow through too the end. The demo account took one trade and never looked back giving us a full target of 185 pips. Our account is now in the green by $1674.49.

We waited several days for this too happen. We were close on several occasions, but with the beast’s latest range, it made it very difficult. During the days or weeks when we are in a range without too many breakouts, you usually find yourself in some rough patches, however we never had too much drawdown with this trading system. We will continue testing this strategy next week to see if we can continue the success. If you would like more information on this strategy please contact us by using the form above or on our contact page.

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