Oracle Trader Free Bonus Special

When you purchase Oracle Trader, you will receive an incredible bonus strategy to help you gain even more pips in the FX Market. Have you ever thought of the fact that no currency pair moves 1,000 pips in a single day? In fact, in normal market conditions, most currency pairs do not even move 200 pips in a day. This bonus strategy will unlock the secret of how to profit in the FX Market by fading a currency pair’s move during the mid to late New York trading session each day.

This mathematical-based trading strategy is a reversion-to-mean strategy that is based on fading a currency pair at the exhaustion point of its daily range, and then trading price back into its daily range. Statistically, this strategy is a high-percentage winner, and when you purchase today, you will get these trading secrets:

1. How to use 1 single indicator to help you take only the perfect set-ups and pass on trades that look good, but have 1 key flaw that could turn them into quick losers

2. Learn 2 different methods of entry—both work well and are powerful, but depending on your trading psychology, one will be more attractive than the other

3. Learn to how turn a 30 pip winner into a longer-term swing trade that could yield hundreds of pips

4. Understand exactly how to place stop loss and take profit levels before you even enter a trade

5. See several examples of winning trades. How the trade set-up, exact stop loss and take profit

6. See a few examples of losing trades as well. This will help you to understand why it is so important to use that 1 single key indicator. This powerful indicator would have kept you out of all these losing trades.

How do I get the Free Bonus Strategy?

Since the Oracle Trader just launched, sales don’t begin until August 4th, 2010. All you have to do is fill in your name and email on the Oracle Trade Webinar signup using the links on this page. Once this is done you’ll be eligible to receive this high valued Bonus Strategy after purchase is made on the 4th or later. All you have to do is go to our contact form and give us your full name and purchase date, so we can verify it. We will then send you the strategy in an email.

If you already signed up for the Webinar, just let the guys at Oracle Trader know that you signed up through when you make your purchase, so you can get the bonus credit.

*** If your name is not on the list, you will have to contact Dustin’s team to tell them we referred you.*** If you have any questions about this Oracle Trader Bonus offer, please let us know Now.

Oracle Trader Bonus

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