Oracle Trader Launch

Another day has come and if you still haven’t heard about the Oracle Trader, now is the time to get in on one of the hottest products in the Forex market place. Dustin Pass has proven the past several years that Forex News Trading is alive and kicking. Predicting the markets before they rocket is what he is all about.

The Oracle Trader brings you the technology you need to gain as many pips as possible in the shortest period of time. Once you’re all setup, everything is on autopilot, almost like a robot is making the trade for you. Both entries and exits are covered for you. In this case, assuming you have a Metatrader broker or are looking for one, this will be the platform you trade with. You can see our complete Oracle Trader Review here to get a better idea about the product. Dustin hold a lot of Free webinars, so please make sure you sign up to see what this product is all about.

Oracle Trader Review

If you still don’t have a broker or are looking to make a switch, please make sure you check out our Forex Brokers that are offering rebates on all of your trades. This is money back in your pocket every time you trader no matter you have a winning or losing trade. You have plenty of options, so do your research and pick the right broker for you. Always consider the right broker for news trading as well. Some don’t like news traders, while others will accept any form of trader.

Summertime is around the corner and depending on the volatility of the economic news volume may dry up a bit. However, every news event should be active for us news traders to profit. If you have any questions please contact us for more information about the Oracle Trader, Forex Broker Rebates, or anything about Forex trading in general.

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