What is PipVantage all about?

You now have a new software package that gives traders LIVE Forex Trades and Trade Alerts. News information in real time, so you don't get caught on the wrong side of a trade. The function of the software is to get trades from proprietary auto trading methods as well as trades from live professional traders themselves.

In July alone, a total of 19 trades were signaled and out of those 18 were winning trades. That is pretty impressive for sure.

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How Does Pip Vantage Work?

There is one central system and all the traders and proprietary auto systems are connected directly to this hub. When a trade signal is triggered the PipVantage software will let the end user know a signal has been sent out. The Pip Vantage software let’s the people know which price they got in, with the exact levels of taking profit and stop loss. It doesn’t end there. The software keeps the trade monitored until the position is closed in profit or loss. Some trades may be manually closed by the Central system, which in turn will tell the PipVantage traders it’s time to close out. A little Hand holding is what they like to call it. To bring it all together the central trading platform is connected with traders around the world, so trade signals will occur in all timezones.

Let’s get into the way the system alerts the trader. A state of the art alert system has been put in place so traders get everything they need in real time. This includes the actual trades and all the Forex News events that are occurring at any specific moment. This way you will know when the market will move and why. It will take a lot of the guessing out of trading the Forex Market.

One other component that we found quite interesting was the trend indication service. This service allows you to take advantage of trend movements by getting a 95% accurate reading of the trend. Used by proprietary trader John Stone and tested over the last eight years.

Overall, we like Forex Signal providers that provide actual signals in REAL TIME. The true question will be the accuracy. Will Pip Vantage be worth your money? We like the looks of this product and we think it has the potential to provide traders some true real time signals. We’ll keep you posted on any updates we receive.

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