Forex Summer Trading

Sometimes it is best to sit on the sidelines when the trading is thin and the volume isn’t enough to even make a candle stick move. You often hear the term, it is like watching paint dry. Well, the truth is, when the volume is low, especially in the summer, it is like watching paint dry. This is the time to sit out and research or work on new ideas. It is not worth losing what you already made and if you are already in the whole, you may just be adding to your loses.

If you have a trading method that works in any type of market, great stick to it, but if you have a volume traded method, don’t be mad when you see the strategy fail in the summer. August can be the hardest month to trade in. The time markets move with volume is during news times. We like news trading, but if your trading style is not predicated on trading the news, then again, sit on your hands.

Not trading is one of those emotional plays that may creep up and tell you just do it, it could work. It is only until after you lose money that you say, darn, I should I have sat on my hands.The temptation is always there, but if you could stay out most of the time, yest you won’t make any money, but you won’t lose any either.

A buddy of mine once said, no risk it, no biscuit, but this one of those days that I would rather shut down the platform and go out for breakfast or even workout. Study and research and if you must trade try it with a free demo account. Forex trading is a tough ride and playing the markets in tough conditions can be detrimental on your account, so please only trade where you see a great opportunity or when the volume has really picked up. If you are using a Forex Signals service ask them what they think about trading in the summer months.

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