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We are really excited to offer our visitors looking for Oracle Trader a chance to get an Amazon gift card when they make their purchase through On August 6, 2010, we saw a lot of traders make over 80 pips in profit for only a few minutes of work. The stories coming out of the chat room are awesome and makes us even more happy to give out these Gift Cards. Here’s what people said on Aug 6, 2010.

[8:31]-David W: I got 75 pips!
[8:31]-Ed H:79 pips in demo 1st time. Great stuff Dustin thank you!!!
[8:31]-Bob G (FREE PACKAGE WINNER): i got +80!
[8:31]-Marion B: 47 pips on 1st half and 67 pips on 2nd half……I believe now!
[8:32]-Richard D: 62 pips!
[8:32]-Scott R: 75 pips!
[8:32]-John L: 67pips!
[8:32]-Keith J: 87 pips
[8:32]-Padraig F: 62 pips!
[8:32]-Michaela A: 72 to 82 pips on multiple accounts!
[8:33]-Tim H: 56 pips!
[8:33]-Omar B: thanks, man!… Yes, I’m a believer now!
[8:33]-Keith J:my first actual trade – felt good [8:33]-Philip D: … ‘I went solely on audio and triggered a small ‘profit’…
-just trying out – first time’
[8:34]-David W: I am a believer!!!!
[8:35]-Louis P.H. 99 & 86 pips!
[8:37]-Michael P: 87 pips – great finish to a slow week!
[8:37]-Barry B: took 100 pips on a very small trade!
[8:37]-Michael K: in at 111.80 (market spiked 75 pips down in 10 seconds!) [8:38]-David L: this is great… 100 pips!
[8:40]-Tariq S: closed all at +30
[8:41]-Keith N: 96 pips with safe, 90 medium trigger

The Amazon Gift Card Promotion.

We only have so many, so get them while they’re hot.

The First person to read this gets a $100 Amazon Gift Card ( 0 Left )

The Next Five people get a $50 Amazon Gift Card. ( 0 Left )

Everyone after those first six gets a $25 Gift Card. ( Plenty Left )

The process to get this Gift Card is very simple. All you have to do is follow the rules below and the Gift is yours.

1. You MUST use the links on this site to take you over to the purchase page at Oracle Trader. If you come from another site we won’t be able to give you credit.

2. You may want to clear your cookies first before you click the links on this page.

3. Simply purchase Oracle Trader using one of the product purchase plans that works for you.

4. The next step is pretty simple, send us an email to support{@} or use our contact form and include:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Invoice ID
  • Date of Purchase

5. Once we receive this information and confirm it, we will email you the Amazon gift card.

THAT”S IT!!! Fill in the blanks and you’ll already start earning money on your purchase. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Purchase Oracle Trader

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