FXEvolve Educates Tons of Traders

FX Evolve (fxevolve.com) is one of the web’s first social outlets for Forex traders. This site FXEvolve combines trading insight with open communication amongst traders for both novices and professionals.


If you ever need help with a Forex trading issue, this is your place to turn. What FXEvolve offers as far as technical help goes is far beyond that of which any broker will provide. This is because FX Evolve’s main goal is to provide educational content to their clients. If you are looking for like-minded traders, FX Evolve is a great way to stay in touch and learn new Forex trading philosophies and skills.

FXEvolve Membership Benefits
* Instant Access to tons of pre-recorded educational video content
* 5 Day Advanced Workshop Taught Each Month (free retakes for life)
* Daily Live Trade Room (room open 24 hrs/day M-F)
* Live Trade Calls
* Weekly 2-Hour Ongoing Training Session

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Educational Content

FXEvolve has many tutorials, both in essay form and videos. You will not find a more thorough discussion of Forex trading anywhere else on the internet. The best part about this aspect of the site is that you can read far more than just what the creators of the site have posted. There is the ability for any trader to post a trading-related article. This open discussion of trading strategies is a great way to learn what others are doing in the Forex market. You will see firsthand which strategies are plausible and profitable, and which ones are not. Once you gain enough expertise, you can even begin to submit your own work and ideas to the site.

Peer Review

Because FX Evolve is a social website, you have the ability to interact with other traders. If you have questions, there will always be experts online available to answer them. This open discussion can help you to find flaws in your own trading plan and fix them before they cost you. The opposite is also true. You will discover through conversation the most helpful parts of your plan and you can capitalize upon them and improve them to make you more money.

One Stop News and Strategy Source

FX Evolve has a news tab that allows you to keep up with the issues that affect your currency trading. While this site is not a brokerage, practically every question that you can think of regarding Forex trading can be answered by the professionals who frequent the site. You can even fine tune strategies here before you actually go out and use them at your broker. If you have questions about selecting a broker, these can be answered at FX Evolve as well. News trader also have a lot to gain; this site has everything you can think of located in their economic calendar section.

Everything that relates to trading is up for discussion. Whether you are new to Forex trading or a seasoned professional, there are things for you to both teach and share with others who visit this site. FX Evolve is the new face of social trading.

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