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Frankie began his career as a trader in the most unlikely of places. As a high school English teacher, he was introduced to the concept of trading the FX market one day by the Principal at his school.


As we all know, teachers don’t make the big bucks, and Frank immediately saw the potential to generate income as a trader in the FX Market. His journey had officially begun. During the first year of this journey, he would go to sleep about 9 pm each night, wake up at 1:30 am to trade the European and London Open, go back to bed about 4:00 am, and then wake up again at 7:00 am in order to tackle yet another day of instructing incredibly gifted high schoolers on the intricacies and complexities of English literature. This lifestyle of trader by night, teacher by day lasted for an entire year. After 1 year of trading the FX Market and experiencing all the ups and downs that a new uninitiated trader experiences, Frank began to slowly develop consistent gains in the market. It was also at this time, his trading style evolved to trading the late NY Session, which gave him the freedom to sleep through the night.

As his passion for the FX Market grew, so did his desire to trade full-time. As his track record continued to grow, he began receiving requests to manage client funds. Today, Frank is trading full-time from his home office in Charlotte, NC. He is currently managing several client accounts in his own firm, PrestonHouse Capital Management and is currently in the process of obtaining his Series 3 license, which will allow him to trade institutional assets as a Commodity Trading Advisor.

He has a very deep and personal first-hand understanding of the challenges that a retail trader is facing. He faced those same obstacles, and through diligence, discipline, and focus, he was able to overcome them. He is now passing on his years of experience to other traders who are seeking to profit consistently as FX traders. His belief is that anyone from any background can be taught to trade successfully. In the FX Market, what you don’t know hurts you as a trader. Most new traders simply do not understand the complexities that drive the FX Market. It is Frank’s passion to help new traders understand the true nature of this market, so that they too can obtain their trading goals.

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