Forex Trend Scalper

The Forex Trend Scalper has a few claims and we give our view.
1. You don’t need experience in Trading – We highly recommend you know a lot about Forex and overall trading theory before placing a trade with real money.
2. You can make money in every type of market – We like to be conservative during some unknown times
3. You make money doing nothing – How can this be true, you do need to turn the EA on. Usually Robots are pretty self-sufficient, but remember you should always keep your eyes on the market.
4. Simple setup – This is usually the case if you know the Metatrader platform and understand the EA software.
5. Free Support – This is a very nice feature for the newbies that don’t know anything.

I will say this, the video on their web site is pretty inspiring. They show nice performance reports, but this is still not an indication of whether you will make money or not. Past performance does not give clarity to future gains. It does however give you some insight of the possibilities. We also recommend a Metatrader Hosting provider if you use an EA. This insures you against computer downtime, Internet loss, and anything else that may go wrong on your computer. Having VPS hosting is a huge comfort knowing you will be online 24-7 all year long. If the EA rocks then you want it to have the best chance possible. EA Facts
1. They’ve used independent Interest Groups to test the products.
2. You can trade all the currency pairs with the EA.
3. The results they show is for real money.
4. They have automatic draw down protection – This is a nice feature in case it does go bad.
5. A Profit Protector System
6. They do provide continual upgrades and updates to the EA. – Big factor. Adjusts with the market.

Some other goodies to think about.
– 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If it is not what they said, you get your money back. These type of sites are really good about refunding your money. No worries.
– A Forex Trend Scalper Start Kit – This may have some value
– Several Free Indicators – Not sure why you would need these if you’re banking with Forex Trend Scalper

All this for the price of $99. This is not a bad price for someones hard work. It may never work for you, but giving it a shot may be what your trading needs especially if you are struggling.

For a lot of these products they are worth a gander. You can lose $200 in a matter of seconds trading Forex, but if you use the Forex Trend Scalper you may have a strong chance of making money. You may not, but at least you are giving it a shot. We have no guarantees that you will make a dime. Forex Trading is a tough game, in fact trading anything is difficult, so sometimes investing some money into getting help or a product pays off in the end.

Forex Trend Scalper Download

This has been our thoughts of the product from look at the web site. There is no telling what the product will actual do once it is installed. We do know this, with a 60 Day Money Back guarantee, it is definitely worth a look. You can go to the site using the image below. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom and Click on the Download Now button and you are on your way with Forex Trend Scalper.

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