Central Banks Act Fast

Central bank actions have a huge impact upon prices in every single market, in every single sector. It doesn’t matter if you are looking at technology stocks, or livestock commodities. What the central banks around the world do will have …

Going from Long Term to Short

A few bad days can be instantly erased after a few good hours within the stock market for long term investors. That’s the beauty and simplicity of a long term approach, but the downfall is that profits don’t occur at …

Trade with Jarratt Davis

Forex trading involves a lot of time in order to advance to the professional level–some people devote years to it and never get this far. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot make money trading currencies. There are a …

Australian Dollar Dropping Hard

For the last several days, the Australian dollar has been steadily dropping in price, especially in regards to the world’s most heavily traded currency: the U.S. dollar. This is partly due to the fact that the U.S. currency is getting

Taking the News Trading Numbers In

The first half of the 2013 year is almost over, and currency traders are looking for signs to figure out which direction the U.S. dollar will be going in relation to the other major currencies. Right now, the dollar is …

The Emerging Markets Role

The currencies of emerging markets can be quite lucrative to the serious Forex trader, especially if you have a firm knowledge of the base currency in the pair with it—usually the U.S. dollar or the Euro. When you’re dealing with …

Why the Euro May Drop

The Euro is poised for further losses, according to some experts. Despite recent drops in price in comparison to the dollar, the Euro has leveled off a bit, but it seems that this stability is only an illusion. This is

Forex Trading: What is the Truth?

What is it that makes roughly 95% of Forex traders unprofitable?

Answer: It is an inaccurate understanding of Forex trading and the Forex market.

Euro USD

One day a certain speaker asked his audience this question: “would you like to get rich …

Trading Forex and Bullion for Money

When you hear about alternative forms of investment such as Forex trading or gold bullion purchase, you may wonder how exactly they differ from ordinary stocks, bonds, etc. The specific differences between all of these types of investments are vast, …

Supplement Your Forex Trading

If you are a Forex trader, trading binary options can be a great way to supplement your trading. However, even though binary options are simple to execute and understand, this does not make them easy to trade successfully.

You …

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