Australian Dollar Dropping Hard

For the last several days, the Australian dollar has been steadily dropping in price, especially in regards to the world’s most heavily traded currency: the U.S. dollar. This is partly due to the fact that the U.S. currency is getting

Why the Euro May Drop

The Euro is poised for further losses, according to some experts. Despite recent drops in price in comparison to the dollar, the Euro has leveled off a bit, but it seems that this stability is only an illusion. This is

Forex Trading: What is the Truth?

What is it that makes roughly 95% of Forex traders unprofitable?

Answer: It is an inaccurate understanding of Forex trading and the Forex market.

Euro USD

One day a certain speaker asked his audience this question: “would you like to get rich …

Support for the Euro and the Pound

The Euro and the pound had a huge day on Friday, March 16, 2012. Each of these currencies rose in value by more than 1 percent early on during the U.S. trading session. For the British pound sterling, this marked …

Using Gold in Your Trading

Gold Trading

Gold Plays a Big Role when it comes to Currencies

While this might actually fall under the jurisdiction of fundamental analysis, using gold as a gauge during currency trading can actually be a unique way to not only understand where …

The Factors of the Dollar

The perceived slowing down of economic growth in Asia has sparked some interesting movement in currency prices. The problem was especially apparent in China. Experts expected them to announce that exports had risen by over 30 percent over the …

Euro Plays the Debt Crisis

Greece Debt

Greece Debt Crisis

The Euro saw some big gains in relation to the U.S. dollar in early trading on Thursday, March 08, 2012. With the Greek debt deadline looming, investors saw some big gains for the Euro as the outlook …

Canadian Dollar Direction is Down

From the Canadian dollar’s viewpoint, it looks like global growth is slowing down drastically. The CAD dropped in value again early on Tuesday, March 6th, bringing it to a weekly low point. The biggest factor in this pullback is probably …

Currency Levels Right Now

The United States’ dollar has recently broken through a key level of resistance. For the month of February, the greenback index gained 0.73 percent and is looking like it will breakthrough a critical resistance level going into the month of …

The Canadian Dollar is Dropping

The Canadian dollar (CAD) has been experiencing a drop off in volatility in comparison the U.S. dollar (USD). This is the lowest that the volatility rate has been in almost an entire year. This comes as no surprise given that …

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