Best Forex Broker

Who is the best Forex broker? This is a tough question to answer and most people will say, it depends on a several things.

  1. Trading Style
  2. Spreads
  3. Customer Service
  4. Reputation and Trust
  5. Platform stability and execution

These are all important, but what it comes down too, is the comfort you feel when you trade with a broker dealer. Satisfaction is what these companies want for you, so you stay with them for the long haul. There are plenty of stories where people send their funds in and within a few days pull them out, because they weren’t happy. You have to make them work for you and not settle. Let’s not forget, there is a short list that meet all the requirements by the NFA.

We work with only the best in the industry because we want you to feel comfortable. Using our partner, you can not only gain access to the best customer service, but can start receiving Forex trading rebates. (Why wouldn’t you take free money?)  Understanding what the best broker forex really means could take some time.

News trading execution is a whole different topic, but you may want to choose an ECN broker for these types of trades. We work with a great ECN broker, which is listed in our free report. – Top broker in the industry – Offers a sign up bonus and has contest to make extra money – Backed by Gain capital and offers low spreads.

Where do you start? First you can download our free report and then you can demo all the platforms. Find the one that works for you. Then you can open an account with our partner and start receiving the rebates. It sounds like a lot, but it can all be done online or over the phone.

You may never find the best forex broker, but you can at least work with reputable and regulated forex brokers that make you feel comfortable.

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