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VPS Server

If you have ever experienced a power outage in the middle of your trading day, you know exactly how detrimental this can be. Even if you are running an expert advisor (EA) or robot, if you are in the middle of a trade, you will be stuck with an open trade with no way to close it. This can cost you thousands of dollars if things don’t go your way.

If you are using an EA, you have the benefit of conducting fully automated trades. This can be in your favor, but if a power outage does occur, you will still be out of luck. Because the EA is connected to your computer, when the power goes out, so does the EA you were using.

There is a way to prevent this tragedy from happening. Using a virtual private server (VPS) can eliminate the threat of having open trades for an indefinite amount of time. Because a Forex VPS copies everything on your hard drive and all open applications, if your power goes out, the VPS will still be able to run and your trades will still be executed and closed when the EA indicates that they should be. As you can see, having a VPS is a great way to protect yourself and your money. This is especially true if you trade with large amounts of cash.

The other benefit of running a VPS is that you can access your computer from any location without having to haul a laptop around with you. The VPS can be accessed from anywhere that there is internet, so you never need to worry about being without a way to trade again.

The Forex market is volatile, especially when you start dealing with large amounts of leverage. In order to protect yourself as much as possible, back up your trading data on a VPS. This will allow you the maximum amount of safety from ever-changing currency prices. Whether you are trading Forex or Binary Options having a solid connection is critical. Always consider what can happen should something go wrong.

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