Tom’s EA Update October 26

Today was a great day for Tom’s EA. Reason being, the EA was able to close down almost every single trade it was holding within a 30 minute stretch. This ended up giving us a profit in the clear of over 5%. If we shutdown Tom’s EA and never used it again, it would have given us $250 in under 10 days. The best part is, all we had to do was load the platform, install the EA and it was off to the races. That is what is so nice about Tom’s EA. You only have to monitor whether your computer is running.

Eventually you will want a VPS server to handle your EA for you so you don’t have downtime. There is nothing like losing out because your computer is not working. Very frustrating for sure. This is something we delt with recently and have learned the hard way.

This morning we had over 15 trades opened and a lot of them were to the short side. The markets had moved up pretty good giving us a chunk of draw-down. However, this draw-down was not hitting our original $5000. We were already up quite a bit at this time. Our equity came back a nice portion, but the market found a way to move in our direction. Within this 30 minutes to an hour we saw 15 trades close. Some of the bigger gainers closed the smaller loses. This let us pretty much start over on the EA with a 5% gain free and clear.

Here is a video of our latest happening’s with Tom’s EA. Remember you can download Toms EA here.

Download Toms EA here

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