Auto Trades on October 6th

Tom’s EA was at it again today. After some wild swings since our start date, the EA has been able to stay in the green. Today was no different.

Here is what happened according to our latest records.

Today was the first full day we had the USDCAD on board. Although the 24 hour clock is not over yet, Tom’s EA closed 20 different trades. We are currently trading 5 currency pairs and all of them have opened orders. Our total equity is still in the green, but hasn’t really increased since yesterday. We also currently have 21 orders working for us. These orders are both buy and sell orders, so no matter which way the market moves, things are happening. By the time the UK opens we should see some more closing trades.

Overall, I’m pretty excited about this EA. Although it isn’t a fast cash machine, it does show signs of resilience and growth. I don’t want my account to go up too fast, because I know it could then drop just as fast. This makes the EA very powerful.

Stay tuned for our latest update as we watch Toms EA do it’s thing.

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