4x Trading

4x trading is sometimes used in the place of Forex Trading, but this is only out of simplicity or confusion. A lot of people use the term 4x, because they most likely have seen the commercials for “4x Made Easy” or infomercials on late night TV. It only makes sense for new Forex traders, who don’t know what this market is all about to refer to it as 4x. Travelers who are looking for currency exchange information, will not use the term 4x because they are looking for currency and not the actual Forex exchange.

Forex is an acronym of Foreign Exchange. The Forex market is made up of the world’s currency and the exchange rate between countries or republics. Forex News Trader wants to make sure you understand the difference between 4x brokers and Forex brokers as well as 4x signals and Forex Signals. In the end, they mean the same thing, but it is important to make sure you understand the market by the proper name. This whole site could be written as 4xnewstrader.com, but for some reason it doesn’t look right. A number to replace a 5 letter word is pretty nifty, but the term Forex has already been used to abbreviate a bigger term.

Some other terms you may see.

4x rebates

4x news trading

4x brokers

4x signals

For clarification, a website written using 4x terms may mean the same thing as Forex even though they are using a different means of communication.

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